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Up in the Northern Plains, Minnesota is the top destination for schools. Some of the better northern schools offer classes and complete online degrees.

Criminal justice is a hot field that consists of quite a few different specific fields. Some of the law enforcement training programs only last one semester, while others take up to four years.

Down at the bottom of Florida, Miami is still the biggest draw for college students. Earning a degree in Miami still requires work, but the hours off offer great weather all year long.

Not interested in a four-year degree? You can earn an associate's degree in two years or less.

And if working in a restaurant is what you think you might like, there are culinary schools that can take you from beginner to chef in no time at all -- learn more. But if you would rather work in the management side of the restaurant business instead of right in the kitchen, there are options for that too. You could find several different schools that offer those type of degrees.

Classroom solutions alternative degree possibilities can include professional solutions.
Other course possibilities and seek courses in career fields that include journalism, management, political science, chemistry and even more.
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